Why Build With Wilson Custom Homes

WCH places a high priority on adhering to schedules and personally coordinating your building process. We communicate thoroughly and frequently with our clients.  We make certain that we all are working toward the same goals and completion date.  Most importantly, we are on site when you need us to be there, whether it is an evening or a weekend.

As a skilled team, we strive to bring together individual selections and finishes that speak to your personal needs, style and budget.  As a small business, we can take the time to direct you to multiple suppliers that meet your goals.  We spend time getting to know you as the homeowners and want to understand how you will use your new space.  These personal elements of our approach allow us to build a space that speaks to you and fulfills your dream, while meeting your budget demands.


Our mission is to create beautiful, livable spaces that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals.
Our perspective is informed by a respect for the homeowner coupled with an appreciation of the design-build process and attention to detail.


Our years of experience apply to all types of projects. Our approach is flexible and responsive. We work with some clients who know exactly what they want and we help them achieve it. Other clients are less sure about what they want, but generally know the “feel” of their vision.  We guide them through the design-build process, helping them to formulate their own vision as we go.

Your home should reflect and enhance your vision.   In the construction process, there are many design, aesthetic, and functionality decisions that must be made to keep the project on track.  An interior designer can help you determine the right design and finishes to complement your home.  Involving a designer at the beginning of your project will save time and money, and reduces the need for expensive changes later.

As part of our approach, we offer the services of Rachel Bahr, a local interior designer. Rachel makes the process enjoyable for our clients and brings a wealth of experience and connections with her.   Rachel can do any of the following:

  • Work with clients to design or renovate spaces to meet their standards.
  • Select color schemes, window treatments, hardware and lighting fixtures, carpet, and paint to be approved by the client.
  • Assist in choosing the best electric layout, flooring, fireplaces, and cabinetry designs to enhance the space.
  • Recommend architectural details such as crown molding and built-in bookshelves.
  • Help furnish and decorate our client’s newly renovated space to complete their vision.

Our key to success is frequent and ongoing communication.  During the building phase, there are many moving parts and, on any given day, multiple decisions that must be made to keep the project on track.  We work hard to keep you informed and to answer all of your questions.  When you know what to expect, you are prepared.  When we know what you expect, we can meet your expectations.


Our network of collaborating professionals, formed through 20+ years of industry experience, includes architects, kitchen and bath designers, landscape architects, local artists and artisans, just to name a few, who share our vision to make your dream space your reality.

Additionally, because we are a local, independently operated business, we are not limited by the number of suppliers we can use to source your cabinets, doors, hardwood floors, windows, fixtures, and more.  We will work directly with you to find the supplier that meets your aesthetic and economic needs.


We are based in Cincinnati, Ohio and are currently working on projects all over Greater Cincinnati within the I-275 loop. We enjoy the opportunity to invest in our community and to beautify spaces for you to enjoy.